August 1, 2012

Our Programs

Our programs are targeted to meet the needs of the people we serve. Efficient and with high impact they improve the quality of life and future prospects of those  in marginalised communities.


Many children in our community are malnourished, which significantly affects their ability to study. Lihuk Panaghiusa, supported by UWCSEA PACE, implements a feeding program for 140 elementary and high school students.

Feeding program at the Talisay center

These students are provided with a daily nutritious lunch. There is a standardized evaluation made to assess the beneficiaries’ qualification for the program.

The parents of the identified beneficiaries also partake in the implementation of this Nutrition Program. Lihuk Panaghiusa’s feeding Co-ordinator and social workers guide parents in implementation and provide them with technical support and oversight needed for this program. Parents are delegated the task of food preparation, cooking, distribution, serving meals to the children, washing dishes, and cleaning the feeding area.

Beneficiary’s growth is monitored through monthly weight and height measurements and their daily attendance on the program.



Lihuk Panaghuisa  understands education as a basic human right and an important factor in the development of individuals, we believe that we need to pursue education  to combat inequalities of all kinds.

Lihuk Panaghiusa scholars

Lihuk Panaghiusa scholars

For this reason we have been providing a Programme of Educational Support for children and young people living in extreme poverty in marginal urban areas of Calamba and Talisay City, Cebu . We give priority to orphaned or neglected children within our communities.

The Educational Support Program gives  each  child or young scholar  all the financial means and material resources to study optimally and effectively. At the same time young people receive extra-academic training for personal and social development. They are engaged in free-time activities like tutorial classes, educational tours, social awareness seminars and summer camps.

Today, the program serves more that 323 yound people in Calamba and Talisay. This program is supported by our partners such as UWCSEA PACE and AkarakA in Singapore, and Circulo Solidario in Spain. They are our bloodline in sustaining the welfare development of our children and youth. Through their contribution they make it possible for Lihuk to produce hundreds of graduates and young professionals who are now working and helping their own family’s and communities.


Lihuk facilitates co-curricular activities to provide learning experiences for children and youth while interacting with their peers and others in different circumstances. College beneficiaries responsibly facilitate weekly tutorial classes for the younger students in Elementary and High School. They assist the scholars with regards to their schooling and assignments. College beneficiaries also receive English Improvement classes and Life Skills Training to enhance their all around development.

We also conduct Children’s Rights Advocacy Seminars, Youth Camp, Career Guidance, College Community Outreach and other rights and development based seminars and trainings.

Our college students are required to partake in 120 hours of community service per semester to develop their spirit of volunteerism and to give back to the community.


Lihuk Panaghiusa coordinates a School for Parents. This is a specialized program that aims to enhance parents’ awareness of their responsibilities and to develop their commitment for the intellectual, social and emotional development of their children.

Representatives from DOLE visit our "Trash to Cash" project

Representatives from DOLE visit our “Trash to Cash” project

Our scholars’ parents are required to attend the weekly meeting that consists of spirituality formation, responsible parenthood seminars, leadership training, social awareness sessions, livelihood training and our parents’ income generating project.

Lihuk recognises the challenges that parents face in having to work hard to earn a living to support the whole family in an economically challenging environment. That they also have to help their children make the right choices to be able to break the cycle of poverty.

At present Calamba Parents receives a funding Grant from the Department of Labour and Employment for a Trash to Cash Project – A rag making initiative. While Talisay parents partake in a yearly calendar making project.

Both of these initiatives aim to provide and additional income for their families and also to be able to raise funds for the scholarship program.

Lihuk Panaghiusa continually looks for possible partners who can collaboratively work with us in providing alternatives for parents’ sources of income.


We aim to uphold desirable values and norms of good behaviour in our society. We provide weekly sessions with our beneficiaries conducted by our in house formator.

These sessions discuss the students’ roles and responsibilities towards their families, school, church and he community as a whole. They enhance our beneficiaries spirituality regardless of religion.

All of the beneficiaries experience periodic retreats, recollection seminars and excursions. They are, together with their families, encouraged to attend their respective church services and celebrations.  In this way we hope to bring every Lihuk Panaghiusa family closer and deepen their spirituality.



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