December 9, 2011

History of Lihuk Panaghiusa

“working with the poor fighting against poverty”

In 1990 a Spanish missionary of Action in Solidarity, Bro. Miguel Ramirez, arrived in the Philippines for a mission under the charisma of Action in Solidarity and in 1993, Bro. Agustin Maiz joined him. Action in Solidarity is a catholic movement composed of priest, brothers, sisters and married people. The members of action in Solidarity are determined to follow Jesus and to continue his project. Jesus and the poor – they are one – are the center of their lives. Jesus realizes in his person the most energetic social action and the deepest spiritually. This also is the vocation of the members of Action in Solidarity. This is the reason why they define themselves as a Christian movement of solidarity in action, united to spirituality and fraternal life. Their name, Action in Solidarity, corresponds to this definition.

 The two Spanish missionaries became acquainted with the plight of the poor living in slums in the interior part of the city. They saw the great contrast between the wealthy living in posh subdivisions and the impoverished squatters. God spoke to them through Ex. 3:7-12 “I have seen the humiliation of my people and I hear their cry. I know their sufferings. I have come down to free them. Go now, I am sending you. I will be with you”. They understood clearly that true worship of God includes social action and they decided to put into practice the Word of God. Following the charisma of Action in Solidarity, Bro. Miguel invited some neighbors and co-faculty of San Carlos University to form the first group of Action in Solidarity in the Philippines.

In 1995 the members of Action in Solidarity Community decided to carry out all these programs by organizing themselves into a legal non-government organization. Lihuk Panaghiusa was born as the social arm of the religious community Action in Solidarity.

Lihuk Panaghiusa is a  Bisayan expression that translates the Spanish Acc’on Solidaria and English “Action in Solidarity”. Lihuk Panaghiusa is the socio-economic arm of the catholic missionary group called Action in Solidarity, a lay movement that originated in Spain. We are an organization that fosters Faith and Solidarity with the ppor and channels actions in favor of the needy.

Lihuk Panaghiusa is a non-stock, non-profit organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Department of social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and the Cebu City government. We envision a solidary society in which the social message of the Gospel and the Church is practiced. We are guided with our mission to promote voluntarism and solidarity in favor of the most impoverished people of target communities by fighting poverty and its causes, empowering active and solidary citizens and generating integral, sustainable and gender-sensitive human development.

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