November 18, 2014

How your company can help

Lihuk has key business partners that collaborate with people and community development projects, contributing to the improvement of living conditions for the marginalized.

Companies can donate to those projects that are linked with the activity of their own business. For instance many of our scholars receive a quality education, training and social support from Lihuk Panaghiusa to become valuable, responsible and successful employees. You might choose to donate to a scholarship in fields that are relevant to your company.

Regular donations allow us to continue our daily work with the poor in Cebu and helps to build a better society for us all.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the work we do here at Lihuk Panaghusa and to hear about the success stories of our former beneficiaries. To learn how they are now contributing to the economic success of companies like yours, improving their families economic standing and helping in the growth of our community and nation.

Companies also benefit from collaboration in a number of ways:

  • Lead by example, setting a good example of helping the poor and marginalized strengthening our community.
  • Improved morale and pride of employees belonging to a company that values corporate social responsibility.
  • Volunteer opportunities for employees which is shown to improve employee retention.
  • Improve the image of the company to customers and suppliers.
  • Detailed information of the projects we work on.
  • The name of your company will appear on our website as well as all publications related to collaborative projects.
  • Thank you certificates for your support and friendship.
  • Receive our updates, invitations to events, and news.
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