With the poor against poverty


Education and training are the fastest and most effective ways to achieve freedom and autonomy. We prioritize education and training resources for our beneficiaries.

Promote peace

The experience of suffering and dehumanization can produce violence and disharmony in individuals and communities.  We are strong advocates of peace for the community through justice as well as respect for differences and the fundamental rights of all human beings.

Gender Equality

We are involved in the struggle for gender equality by creating conditions that promote equity, by having women participate in all decision making forums.

Sustainable human development

Our approach is to enable our beneficiaries to actively take a lead role to help themselves. Our programs create opportunities for them to discover their potential, gather skills to face the world, and develop confidence towards their autonomy to stand on their own feet.

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Shaping a better world

Lihuk Panaghiusa is a non-profit organization registered in the Philippines in Cebu and Talisay City. Lihuk Panaghiusa is a Bisayan expression that translates into the English phrase “Action in Solidarity”. Lihuk Panaghiusa is a socio-economic arm of the Catholic Missionary group called “Acción Solidaria”, a movement that originated in Spain. We are an organization that fosters faith and solidarity with the poor and encourage actions in favor of the needy.

  • We provide 120 malnourished children with a daily nutritious meal

  • We currently help 300 students to pursue an education

  • We aim to help our beneficiaries to become economically sustainable

Admirabeles Llanto

Project Manager
If you want any information about Lihuk please contact her by hitting the

Lydia Co

Parent Coordinator
Lydia has been with the project since it first started in 1995. She works with the scholars’ parents regarding finances and community problems.

Gerrie Magallon

Talisay Center head
Gerrie is in charge of the feeding program and supervision of all activities and programs at Talisay Center.

Clea Dabasol

Clea is in charge of keeping all the organization’s accounts as well as keeping track of the scholars financial needs and expenditures.

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